The technology and processes behind ARM China are the direct result of more than a decade of full time professional tungsten hardfacing in some of the most abrasive environments around the world. In environments where abrasion is so extensive, agricultural points sometimes only last a day and ripper boots a matter of hours! Wear extending products have always existed – high chrome white irons, hardfacing electrodes, hardface wires, surface hardening electroplating and even crude forms of tungsten hardfacing. Many of these products will increase wearlife, sometimes up to twice the original life. The problem usually is, at twice the original part cost and with mixed success especially in rough rocky terrain and where abrasive ground and impact co-exist. ARM China’s unique tungsten overlay process not only extends wearlife far beyond other forms , it can endure higher levels of impact than lesser processes, evidenced by the fact we supply some of the world largest wood grinding companies with high impact tungsten coated grinder tips.

Why does our overlay perform better?

Our technical knowledge and experience is the primary reason why our product performs better. We know hardfacing – not just in theory -in practice!
Our pressurized tungsten delivery system through a gas shield forces an even distribution of tungsten carbide grit though our customized Nickel matrix. The tungsten does not just sit on the top as with lesser processes. Dependent on the parent metal we can achieve a 3.0mm embedding of tungsten into the parent material whist maintaining a minimal heat affected zone. This means the hardface will not peel off as lesser processes are notorious for.
We have a wide range of custom overlays under the TCO umbrella. We can tungsten coat alloy steel in any form, cast iron, white irons, Nihard, stainless steel and even manganese work hardening steels. Our innovations in coating stainless and manganese steels for power stations are undisputed.
We have also developed a range of low impact TCO applications specially designed for high abrasion low impact environments such as molten sand and glass. This product is even more abrasion resistant than our regular product as we use a HRC63+ matrix combined with the HRC 90 crushed carbide.

Our products quality is further enhanced by the fact that:
• We crush our own virgin carbide grit.
• We have developed our own impact and abrasive resistant matrix
• We manufacture our CNC tungsten coating machines.
• Tungsten coating is what we do – we know it better than anyone and we are proud of our product.
• Our quality control is world class.
• We want your business –so we will give you our best – every time!