ARM CHINA drop forges hammer bodies and tip holders for horizontal and tub grinders, as well as forest mulchers and excavator groomers. Our drop forged hammers outperform flame cut hammers bodies by offering superior strength and wear resistance.
We currently supply drop forge hammer bodies and tungsten coated tips to one of the world’s largest BIOMASS PLANTS. These 60 kg forged bell hammers and 10 kilo tips combinations have three standout advantages over the original OEM Bell hammers (no tip) that were originally used.
1. The actual finished part cost is around 40% lower price than the original Manganese hammers.
2. We have extended the actual hammer wear life 900% by the use of a smaller replaceable insert
3. The use of a replaceable insert means sharper cutting and better production for longer, then a tip change means perfect cutting again – no hardfacing, no building up!
Please contact us to discuss our hammer forging capabilities. We can also discuss our innovative developments for hammer and tip combinations.