ARM China is experienced in the provision of tungsten coating for the power generation industry.
Currently we supply tungsten hardfacing to both coal fired power plants as well as Biomass fuelled power plants,
We make a variety of teeth and bucket adapters for brown coal dredges throughout the world, supplying both tungsten overlayed teeth and tungsten tiles teeth, dependent upon the application. We also manufacture a variety of patented teeth for OEM suppliers of these parts.
We can assist customers in developing tooth/ adapter systems for this industry.
ARM China is contracted to provide tungsten carbide hardfacing onto 316 stainless burner nozzles for coal fired electricity plants. These nozzles suffer severe abrasion and very high temperatures. We have achieved wearlife increases of more than 8 times on these particular parts.
ARM China assisted in the development and improvement of replaceable hammer tips for swing hammers in one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest biomass plants. This has resulted in better wearlife, resulting in less down time and maintenance as well as large increases in production rates as the tips are sharper for longer.