ARM CHINA Co., LTD is a registered Chinese manufacturer company. ARM China is 50% owned by one of China’s most respected wearpart forging foundries and 50% by Australia’s premium tungsten wear protection specialist. This joint relationship offers a combined 20 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality tungsten coated wearparts. ARM China can supply world class wearparts and hardfacing at prices that can only be achieved by dealing direct with a Chinese manufacturer company.

One of ARM China’s many strengths is that our wearparts are made onsite and every single step in production process can be strictly controlled. From forging our own blanks in the ISO 9001:2000 forge foundry to our state of the art heat treatment, CNC machining facility and induction brazing workshop, to the manufacture of our own virgin crushed carbide and custom built CNC robotic welders, we control everything – right down to the colour we paint your finished parts!
We also produce custom wearparts for OEMs and have successfully applied for a number of Chinese patents to protect our customer’s valuable intellectual property.

We acknowledge and respect that some customers have long term relationships with casting, forging and G.E.T. companies in China. We are happy to supply our hardfacing services to you through your supplier company. Currently we tungsten overlay a large number of cutting edges and teeth for earthmoving as well as agricultural castings for factories throughout China from Guangzhou to Dalian. The parts are tungsten hardfaced then sent back to your supplier or on-forwarded to you from our facility.

At ARM CHINA we really understand wear and wear protection. From Australian hardwood mulching and broad acre sowing to snow plowing in Canada and tunnelling in Germany we have subjected our products to the harshest of climates and applications, all the time tweaking our process into the premium product it is today.
We can supply our parts as standard or work with you to develop better products specifically for your applications and markets. Our goal is not just to sell wearparts and hardfacing; we strive for repeat business by satisfying our customers every single time. Our products will be of the same high standard whether it is your first order of your fiftieth – we guarantee it!