The application of Tungsten Carbide Overlay to auger flights is without a doubt the most successful application of this product we have come across. The low impact, abrasive nature of drilling lends itself perfectly to tungsten coating. From soil testers and oil rig drills to 2.0 metre diameter augers, the application of tungsten carbide overlay to augers will significantly increase wear life. Even the humble post hole auger benefits form this application, staying at correct diameter for usually more than 10 times its expected life.
We also manufacture a range of overlay protected and combination pilots, spade teeth and picks to suit all HDD applications.
We have supplied wearparts a variety of tungsten overlayed wearparts to Tunnel Boring Machines. Primarily outer shell cutters as pictured as well as container loads of weld on overlay wear pads.
These weld on wear pads are becoming more and more popular as customers are able to retro fit tungsten protection to wearing areas on site. The concept of easy to attach and replace wear pads is great for wear areas that are not easy to access and where regular wear extending processes are not performing.